Saturday, April 5, 2008

Asian American actors/actresses

I was not too crazy about Asian American actors until I knew Sung Kang, But I remember I really liked Russell when I saw "The Joy Luck Club (1993)." I did not know that he is an Asian American back then. I thought he is an actor from China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan.

Frankly speaking, I'm not a big movie fan to begin with. Well, I was once - until I became low teens. I used to check out all movies imported from USA and knew a lot of actors or actresses names. But that was until I becam 15 years old. For some reason, I totally lost my interest in chasing American movies or any kinds of movies, TV dramas, or even music. I mean, I do enjoy them once a while, but I have not been proactive when it comes to what is the name of the actor in what movie, etc. That's why I did not recognize Russell's name when Sung told me, "Russell said he is coming later." That was when I went to see Sung in NYC for the theatrecal release of UNDOING. I guess I looked very dumn to Sung because I did not recognize Russell's name. But I quickly remembered about him from the preview of UNDOING and then, suddenly remembered that he is the famous actor! And I was very impressed once in my favorite movie, The Joy Luck Club.

Silly me, did not recognize his name! But again, honestly, I do not know many actors' or actresses' names even those from very famous main stream movies. I only know those who have been famous since before early 80s', like Tom Cruise. No offense to the movie industry, but I only care about Sung. But after I knew Sung, I started regaining my interest to movies especially around Asian American category.

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