Sunday, January 29, 2017

Back in NYC today?

A photo posted by Jonathan Fregoso (@jawkneeee_) on

It seems Sung is back in NYC today. I saw him posted a short video of a young pianist playing in 34th street station of NYC Metro. That's exactly where I was two weeks ago. I saw the same boy playing the same music at a different corner of the same station.

Anyway, I feel good when I found him doing something similar to what I was doing recently.


Recently, Sung retweeted a link to an article written 10 years ago:

This was written before I start blogging here or even before Tokyo Drift released in theaters. A bit more details about how the character, "Han," was developed back then. Interesting!

By the way, I really like Sung in the bottom half of the photo below.

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CL_Julyn CL_Julyn said...

Thanks Mari, I am enjoy ur blog always.