Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Small (and fun) project!

2017.01.23 月曜日 おはようございます☀ 大好きなsungkangへ ファンの皆んなであなたへの感謝の気持ちを込めて作りました。 いつも私達にときめき✨やドキドキ💖をありがとう。 あなたから幸せたくさんもらってます。 この写真はファンの皆さんが「私の一番好きなSung」と題して渾身の一枚を選びました。 真ん中のメッセージボード?は私が作りました。 気に入ってくれると嬉しいです。(*^▽^*) あなたが辛い時、くじけそうな時、私達ファンの事も思い出して下さい。 老若男女、国籍問わず、全世界にあなたのファンはたくさんいます。 私達は私達のできる範囲であなたを応援して行きます。 だから、私達の存在を知ってて欲しいし、思い出して欲しい。 いつも皆んなで応援してます。 身体に気をつけて(๑>◡<๑) ☆ご協力して下さった皆さん、お忙しい中本当に本当にありがとうございました🙇‍♀️❤️どれも素敵なSungです😆初お目見えもあり感動しました🙌さすがSung大好きな皆さん👏 Sungが気に入ってくれると嬉しいですね😍これからも皆さんと一緒に応援させて下さいね💕 どなた様も良い一日を✨ #sungkang @sungkangsta
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This was posted by one of my very good friends who is as crazy as I am when it comes to Sung. She did this small project and came out pretty good. Let me explain what she did here.

She started her instagram account, just so she can talk about how much Sung means to her, as well as within all the good things to the rest of the world. Her daily post includes a lot of kinds words and sincere message, not only about Sung, but also for whomever happen to see her post.

After building a solid community consisting other huge fans of Sung Kang's, she made this suggestion -- why don't you guys share your most favorite pic of Sung with me? I will make a collage out of them, and post in my account!

I was also invited, but I couldn't join -- I just have so many favorites, and couldn't pick one. But I was so glad to see this because there were so many joined her movement. Isn't this great?

The only thing made her sad is that she ended up getting no "like" from Sung himself. I'm not sure how much I can help her here, but I can at least explain what she tried. All I can do is Japanese to English translation. Though it's not perfect, let me try:

2017 Jan 23 Monday - Good morning. Along with other fans, I put together this collage to express my appreciation to you. Thank you for making us being so in love with you. We are receiving a lot of love from you. These photos are chosen by each fan participated my project. The message at the center was created by me. Hope you like it. When you are having a hard time or about to lose faith in what you are doing, please think of us. There are so many and all kinds of fans of yours all over the World. We will continue rooting you as much as we can. Therefore, hope you know we are here, and remember us from time to time. We love you. Please take care of yourself. For those participated my project, thank you very much! I know you all are busy. All of these "Sung" are wonderful. Some, I've never seen in the past. Impressed! No wonder you all are so in love with Sung. Let's hope Sung like this. Let me join you continue rooting Sung. Wish you all a great day!

Let' see if Sung can "like" this post now...

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