Saturday, January 7, 2017

Frequency of selfie

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Belated Happy New Year to all!

If you are my blog reader, I'm sure you are following Sung's instagram account, too and saw the same picture. It's always my conflict -- should I just embed his post here? Or look for somewhere else, so that my blog readers can see something they may not have seen before.

I just updated my featured photos in my Facebook account. We can specify up to 5 photos as "featured photos," and view of those are not restricted. So, I went ahead to choose 3 of my favorite shots with Sung, and removed the one with my hubby. Don't worry. It does not mean we fought recently. (lol~) My hubby does not want his images to be displayed online anyway. And he doesn't do Facebook, neither. Then, why did I do that?

Obviously, those photos are truly my favorites. Plus, I recently get re-connected with some of my friends from my high school time. Many of them do not even know I stopped living in Japan a while ago. I was pretty much disconnected with most of them for a long time. They started having annual reunion lately for which, Facebook Page was created. I joined there though I cannot make the reunion in person. When I see a name familiar to me, I briefly check how they are doing by clicking their profile link. Unfortunately, we are not true SNS generation, and it's rare to see someone like me sharing many photos. But I can still get some idea like how they are doing. I'm not sure how many of the members there would click my profile link to find out how I'm doing. But I thought it'll be fun if they find my favorite photos with Sung. I'm sure some of them will recognize Sung and say, "Wow, she married with a Hollywood star?" Well, just for fun or to make a discussion point for next time I see them in person.

Somehow, I used to enjoy people making a rumor about me. I wasn't that famous or popular type of high school girl, but somehow, many people knew about me and would talk about me. I didn't mean to stand out, but I didn't want to restrict myself within a "common sense." I believed in my own "common sense" somehow. I know this does not make any sense, but one example of strange stuffs I did when I was in the classroom is that I painted my desk to blue. I kind of knew nobody else does something like that. But I just didn't want to make it as a reason for me not to do.

Hope my old schoolmates find my featured photos and start their own story about me. What Mari has been doing since she graduated from the high school in Japan? How did she end up with taking 3 different photos with "Wild Speed" guy --- that's how "Fast and Furious" called in Japan. Let's see if that works.

By the way, we must remind Sung that we don't mind seeing more selfie posted on instagram or Twitter. Actually, we do need more of you! It's good to see that you share stuffs caught your attention or helping your friend works to get noticed. But we need to see you more frequently.

Just like the one posted for New Year greeting. That's it! Great smile. Gorgeous guy is gorgeous.

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