Saturday, January 21, 2017

Excellent character development

So, it's been a few weeks past since 2017 started, and I already forgot what my new year resolution was. I am not contributing to anything lately. What can I do to improve myself? What can I do for society? I know I can't do anything big. So, I just need to try focusing one thing I'm really good at. Watch all Sung Kang movies!

So, I searched this movie, "Hollywood Adventure," and it was actually surprisingly easy to find a web site where I can watch this movie online without any cost or even advertisement. Not sure how legit this version is, but hey, I tried to locate it in regular sites like Amazon/Netflix/iTunes store first. But no luck.

Anyway, glad I could finally watch this movie. Though the scenes we can see Sung were limited, I didn't have to fast forward to search his part because the movie itself was pretty interesting. It's a comedy flavored for Mainland of Chinese Market. It's interesting to see what is the image of USA that the audience in China would accept. I suppose USA is still pretty far and unfamiliar country for most of Asians. But it's just a comedy and there is no need to be serious about reality here as long as it is enjoyable. And it was indeed pretty enjoyable.

I think the best part of this movie is how each character is developed. There are many minor characters, but all of them are well defined and vivid, making it easier for the audience to follow the story. It was hard to read English subtitles because it seems to have been done by non-professional person, but it was not too hard to understand what's going on, though I wish I understand Mandarin.

Speaking of understanding Mandarin, I actually took Chinese conversation lesson for 2 years. But I never improved. I can still say many sentences. But I don't know when to use them appropriately. Being a Japanese is a slight advantage when learning Chinese because we can read Chinese characters. But how they sound and how we need to compose sentences are completely different. But I still feel ashamed when I see non-Asian people speaks Chinese better than I do. I just found one of my colleague - a while guy - speaks pretty good Chinese. Do I sound racist?

Well, we all have some idea about how each group of people of a specific race or the origin of the country is like. We just don't talk about that too openly in public. Movies are one of good ways to find out what they really think about the other group.

I just found another pre-produciton movie listed in IMDB:

Sung is a busy man!

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