Sunday, June 1, 2008

Great in Comedy, too!

I want to see Sung Kang in many more short clips like this one.


Cris said...

I found out your blog today. It's pretty amazing what you did here. I already knew that Sung was a dreamy kinda guy ^_^ ..but what you told here was even more perfect. I wish I had an experience like yours, opportunity to meet him. Oh well.. nevermind.
keep the good work ;) this is like my second favorite place now. lol!

ak1998 said...

thank you for your comment, cris! I'm very happy to know that many other Sung Kang fans like yours find my blog useful. :) I met Sung only twice last year and not sure when I can see him again. But I will keep writing about him!

Cris said...

I was looking up for the short film 9:30 as well and since I don't have the Undoing dvd, yet!, I keep on looking and found one site that have for download.. \o/ good for meee x)

but anyway, as I was looking I found another one called "dream, lover". I don't know what it is exactly, some kinda shot film!?..
Didn't see yet, still downloading.

here's the url for you check it out:

and here is for download:

ak1998 said...

hi cris! thank you very much for sharing the links! great! I did not know anything about this short film. I will write about this short film on my blog, too!

[Glass Cleaner] said...

thanks for the link, cris!

hi, mari!

Cris said...

it is always good spread the word about his work. it's not that well known as it is.. so, i'm just glad i could help.