Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sung@Chinese Restaurant

I saw this picture used in a Chinese newspaper. Sorry, I don't really have any information about what it is about and when it was taken, etc. But I just want to share this one here. I think it was taken not too long ago.

Thanks to this newspaper, I now know how to spell Sung Kang in Chinese. It's 姜成. If you are an Asian, you may know that the last name comes first. So, 姜=Kang, and 成=Sung.

I'm glad to know that he is popular among Chinese American communiy as well.


[Glass Cleaner] said...

Hi, Mari! Thanks for sharing this photo! Sung looks so happy)

padillamorquecho said...

Hey Mari...I found your pic also a weblog with great pics of sung. I haven't had a chance to read yet maybe u can find out more.

ak1998 said...

hi,padillamorquecho! Thank you very much for the link! Now I found he was in Taiwan! I thought the picture was taken in the Chinese restaurant somewhere in US. I was wrong! :p

Anonymous said...

These pictures were taken in Taiwan with the famous singer, Yang Yen. I read Sung was in Taiwan to do a photo shoot for shoe brand, Jump. I found their facebook group
Apparently, he's collaborating with the brand and will be in all their ads and a video campaign. They also have a website

ak1998 said...

Hello, sirvictorjhsu! Thank you for sharing info. I'm really glad that I am blogging here because I'm getting more info about Sung from people like you. It's hard to find the details of what Sung is up to. I really appreciate all of your input!

黃阿樂 said...

Hey! That is Taiwan beer!
and Taiwanese newspaper
Not chinese newspaper
Taiwan is not china
Taiwan is love u姜成
and god bless u