Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I love chubby Sung, too!

Yeah! I finally received Finishing the Game on DVD on Monday! As usual, I captured still images for my blog. Look at him! This was filmed not too long ago, but he used to have at least 10 extra pounds? I think his face changed a lot in 2007. When I first met him in person while he was on the grass root champaign in DC, it was not hard for me to recognize. But when I met in for the second time in NYC in December 2007, I was not able to recognize him when I first saw him. He was the one who found me first, in fact, believe or not. He stood up and walked toward me to say hi to me first, believe or not. He said, "Hey, I know you." to me.

Well, I don't know what happened to him after I saw in for the first time, but he looked very differnet. Maybe he got a new stylist or trainer to give him an advice? He looks very very good these days and seems like he has expanded his field to fashion industry. But I still love him in this movie. I have read a magazine article about Sung having been more chubby when he was a kid. I want to see his childhood picture! I'm sure I'm going to love it, too! But for his career, it was a good move that he trimmed a few extra pounds, I suppose.


Cris said...

okay~ okay. >.<
the name to what i'm feeling is simply "jealously"! lol!!
he went talk to you. he recognized you! OMG! *faint*

I've notice some changing in him. He never lost his charm, though. Always changing but never different.. make sence?

..oh yeah, i can't wait for FAF4 either! :~

ak1998 said...

I know I was really lucky last year. I accidentally found two different events where I can attend with only a movie ticket. I did not even know that I get a chance to talk to him directly like that. And I kept sending messages to Sung using MySpace where he can see my picture. So, even the first time I saw him in DC, he talked to me first before I say anything. He said, "You must be my friend in MySpace." Yes. He does reads all the messages we are sending! But now I don't know when I can see him in person again... :(

Cris said...

Mari, you are in his gallery.. for Christ's sake! That alone would give me a smile for the rest of my life x)
.. I really want a chance to meet him but I keep thinking and if this day comes, I have no idea whata hell I'm going to say.
I'm really glad he made a blog, make me feel a lot closer to him.

ak1998 said...

Hi, Cris. Yeah. The day I found my picture in Sung's gallery, I could not help smiling whole day. I only saw him twice, but I was really lucky that I was able to talk to him for a while during the event. I prepared what I would talk about beforehand because I know I would be nervous like you said. So, I studied his old blog on Alive not Dead and read everything on MySpace and facebook, etc. I will share more about what I talked to him in my blog later. :)

BTW, where do you live? You should visit Saketini in LA someday. I think you have a good chance to meet him there.

Cris said...

I'm from Brazil, veeery far from LA :( and being a student, still, is complicated to travel. But I intend to visit a lot of places when I have a couple of years older. :}

Do you mind if I add you in myspace?
I hope I'm not being a stalker :~

ak1998 said...

Cris, feel free to find me on MySpace. My latest comment to Sung' page was posted this month, so, you can find me from there. I'm using my real name, "Mari" there.