Wednesday, June 18, 2008

images from bonus feature

I took many images from bonus feature of Finishing the Game on DVD. I will use those images one by one. :)

I enjoyed deleted scenes a lot especially the one featuring Jason Tobin. It was unfortunate that Justin had to delete whole scenes for this role, but it made a perfect bonus feature.

I highly recommend everyone purchase Finighing the Game on DVD to study more about what Justin wanted to say.


Anonymous said...

Jason Tobin is so sexy!! He looks the most like Bruce Lee, with the hair and great physique. I can't wait to see him in something else, but hopefully it's something that features his talents! And sooon!

ak1998 said...

Hi. Thank you for your comment. Sorry for my slow response.

Jason is my second favorite in Better Luck Tomorrow after Sung, of course. I love his acting, too. I want to see him in many more movies ~~