Sunday, February 19, 2012

Are we ready?

Hope I'm not mistaken here, but according to the instruction from Fiona, those who are "friends" with Sung on Facebook can access LiveStream app from his profile page. But I also figured there seems to be alternative like embed the same channel to elsewhere. Let me test that. (Yes, I'm a geek and a cyber stalker.)

Watch live streaming video from sungkangtv at

Note: I edited this iFrame option to remove chatting box because it seems that Sung is going to login from Facebook from which he cannot see the instant messages through LiveStream accounts or twitter accounts.

You do need to logon to Facebook to send messages to Sung. But if you don't have a Facebook account or not that savvy on this kind of online services, you can just watch him talking here.

Not sure if I did the right thing, but I went ahead to open an account with LiveStream, and became the first follower. See below~

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