Saturday, February 4, 2012

Strange dream

It's just a dream I dreamed last night. Don't take it serious. Probably because I saw him acting like this -- a lot of unhappy face, Sung in my dream was a very bad and frustrated person. I tried finding out what is wrong. But there was another girl who was screaming at him. She told me that how bad he has been to her and warm me to stay away from him. I tried to remember who he was from my very limited experience. Damn, it's been more than 4 years since I met him in person. But I cannot remember anything bad. I kept thinking... is this really the same guy? He cannot do that. I cannot imagine he treat his girl bad. No way. But wait. Is it my chance to step in? Hmm... wait wait. I'm married. Uh.. now I know why I am having this dream -- yes, I often realize that I am just dreaming in the middle of my dreams -- I just saw a silly movie yesterday. I'm mixing up the characters in that movie and him + this latest work posted recently. That explains. He cannot be a bad guy and I still have no chance. Good or bad...? lol~

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