Saturday, February 11, 2012

More to come!

Looks like YOFYOMF production is active recently. Can't wait to see their next work featuring Sung~

By the way, Valentine's Day is coming? Anyone is going to do anything for Sung? I normally pass Valentine's day and do his birthday, instead. I start wondering what to buy... Well, I actually bought one already, but kind of small. I should buy more to impress him. 1.5 more months to think about.

Early Happy Valentine's day to you all!


aya said...

Hi. I'm aya.
I posted a comment last month.
This time, I'm trying in English.

Mr. Sung Kang of this picture is really charming!
Thank you for sharing with us!

By the way, his new movie "Bullet to the Head" will be screened in November in Japan!
I'm so happy to know that.
You will see the movie there, won't you?
I envy you~

I'm very lucky to see his wonderful activities.

Mari said...

Hi aya-san!

Thank you for your comment in English~
I'm glad to know it's confirmed that "Bullet to the Head" will be shown in Japan! I'm looking forward to see it in April here in USA!