Thursday, February 16, 2012

Next month in San Jose

March 16, 2012 7:00 pm
Camera 3 Cinemas 288 South Second Street
(at East San Carlos Street), San Jose

Check out around 1:20~

Unfortunately, I cannot make this again... But hope some of you can!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mari I'm happy to say I seen KNOTS. I made my husband take me to see my boyfriend. I LOVED IT cant wait to see it on DVD. P.S. If you always wanted to know if Sung wears BOXERS or BRIEFS.. you will find out in this movie...LOL.There is even a little Japanese with no subs for us but great for you.( I was thinking of you the whole time)Smile...LOL

Mari said...

Hi~ Thank you for sharing! I have to find my way to get to see KNOTS while it is still in some theaters/film festivals. And yes. I'm so curious to find out about his underwear preference! :P By the way, who are you? lol~