Sunday, February 19, 2012

I like how you did, but...

His first Livestream went fairly well, I suppose. Since it was a very first one, there seem to be some technical difficulties that he and the staff members need to sort out. But I think we, his fans, really appreciate what they did.

I think this one was recorded and will be available later for those who missed. But let me write up a few things I heard.

The guy next to Sung is called Yumyum. He is a co-host of this weekly live show. One of the questions asked by his Facebook fans is "what is the most favorite role so far." And his answer was, "Cole from Finishing the Game." He also introduced a duo singing a song about a cat. And ask about a donar for BM. Sorry, I may have hard this wrong.. I'm not a native English speaker here...

(Note: Thank to a comment from Anonymous person, I found more about this. Check out:

My suggestions/wishes:

They should understand that the resolution of the video is not very good and many viewers may not have a super high speed internet access. So, letters to be shown on the screen should be very large. I could not read those crazy woman's tweetings at all and also about the details of donar they need.

Add subtitles to help non-English speaker to get better idea about what you are talking about. I did not get some of the stuffs.. :( I've seen many fans loged there were from other countries.

Change your clothing next week. I mean, it was good to see him wearing the shirt ant tie like that, but that is same as how he appears in Car Discussion. It'll be nicer to see him in a different clothing. I personally like him in red and orange.

I guess the point here is to make him look like a news anchor. But that's not how his fans want to see, I feel - I may be wrong, though. I know the show does not have to be driven by the viewers, but I'm just typing up my wishes.

Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

it was for bone marrow, the donation :)

i agree with all the suggestions though.

aya said...

Hi, Mari-san.
Thank you very much for heiping me access his live video.
Thanks to you, I enjoyed it!

I considered having my own account of facebook, but then decided not to do.
I'm so sorry. You taught me many things to help me chat there, though.

If I change my mind, I will refer to your advice!

I hope many his fan's questions will be picked up by him.
I think those questions livens up his broadcasting.
I found a few your comments.

I'm looking forward to next week's.
I must improve my listening ability.

Bye. Have a nice day, today.(^-^)/

Mari said...

Hi Anonymous! Thanks for the info!

Hi aya,

Glad to hear that you were able to view the show! Yes. I did sent comments a few times. Not sure if Sung got them. No worries about Facebook account. Let's see how they do next time! I need to improve my English listening ability, too. (Shame on me after living in the states for 17 years... :P)