Friday, March 14, 2008

What I said to Sung Kang

This is me!! talking to Sung Kang. Again, it was taken last December 2007. Let me share my wonderful experience here.

Me: When did you get to NY?
Sung: I arrived last night.
Me: You must be really tired, then.
Sung: Well, I was tired yesterday. But I had a good rest last night. So, I'm ok today.
Me: Are you guys all done with the grassrout tour for...
Sung: Finishing the Game?
Me: Yes.
Sung: Yes. We finished them all.
Me: May I ask you to give me your autograph?
Sung: Sure.

Sung Kang is very smart. That's the biggest impression I had. He is very kind and very good at making everyone feel comfortable. You will fall in love with him even more if you meet him in person. He is that great and excellent person.

Actually, I've talked with him a lot more. I will share that little by little.

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