Saturday, March 15, 2008

Screen capture mania = me!

My husband told me that this is a copywright violation and I am not sure if it is or not. But it is sucha a low resolution images and it is based on my genuin desire of promoting Sung Kang. So, I hope he or his agency do not mind what I'm doing here. After all, it is just for me to keep record of how I thought of him. The purpose of this blog is nothing but sharing all information I have about Sung with the resut of fans of Sung Kang's.

Anyway, its Saturday morning. Guess what I did as a first thing in this morning? Put this DVD, WAR, into my PC and start capturing these images! I haven't even eaten breakfast.

His next DVD release is schedueld in a few days! I cannot wait to have UNDOING on DVD! Yes. I will capture a lot of cool looking Sung from there and post them up here~~

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