Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sung's autograph!

You know, one of the most common things we want to do when we meet our start in person is to ask for his/her autograph. In Japan, there is a special card board just for this purpose commonly sold. Such card board is called 'Shikishi.' I bought it on the same day I went to see Sung in person on 12/05/2007, hoping to get a chance to ask Sung to do this. And yes! I got it~~

I'd like everyone know how sweet Sung is. He is a very generous, kind, polite, and of course, sexy guy. I started admiring him even a lot more after I got the chance to talk to him in person.

I confirmed the he is the one who checkes all the messages coming to him thrugh his MySpace site. So, I highly encourage all the Sung Kang fans to show your support by sending message or posting comments at Sung's MySpace site:

I was so impressed by Sung's atmosphere. It's like humble with dignity. I don't know how to describe that properly, but hope you get some sense here. He made me think that I should be someone like him. And I am trying to be someone like him -- manage frustration and be polite and positive all the time. He is my role model!


Очиститель Стекол [Glass Cleaner] said...

wow...sung's autograph! it's really cool..

ak1998 said...

yes. he was very generous. I saw him giving his autograph to other fans as well. He seems to be very open for fan's requests.