Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Can I meet FuguZ, too?

According to this picture, Sung is growing his hair. Let's see if he has a long hair tomorrow or not. I've been so busy taking care of my works and it's 11:30pm EST here. I haven't even started packing yet. It'll be a short trip, just staying near LAX for one night, but I'd better start packing because my flight leaves tomorrow morning around 10am. I have to wake up early enough to avoid morning traffic, which caused a major delay last time we drove to the airport.

Anyway, I'm still not 100% sure if I get to see him. You know, weather has been crazy. No storm predicted on my way so far. But you never know.

Even if I get there and Sung is there, do I get to talk to him? Maybe security will block me because I'm classified as cyber stalker, stalking him for 8 years? I'm harmless, right? I'm not prepared to do anything crazy. All I want is at least one selfie with him. I won't be too greedy.

Fi was so nice to let me know that she informed Sung about me. So, hope Sung is (kind of) expecting me there. Just like previous 2 times, which I'm sure he doesn't remember, hope he talks to me first before I do. Yes. That how we first contacted. I was starring at him for a few seconds, then, Sung said, "Hey, are you my friend in MySpace?" That was the very first sentence I heard from Sung talking to me in Silver Spring, MD. Then, in NYC, he said, "Hey, I know you," while I was greeting with someone else in the same event. Let's see if he recognize me again.

OK. Time to start packing!


julyn tan said...

Hey Mari. I saw your photo on Facebook Sung page. I know you meet Sung and you take the selfie. You do it. How about feel now? I know your are happy! You do it! Congratulation !!

Mari said...

Thank you! I'm still excited even after sleeping one night.