Sunday, February 7, 2016

It's so funny!

 I really like when Sung talks about his mom. I can tell he loves his mom a lot. It's great to know that he flew her in Tokyo when he was on set for Tokyo Drift. Back then, I was in Tokyo, too! I was working in Shibuya. Anyway, he shared this story, which is very funny and lovely. This pretty much tells who Sung is. Same video was shot and shared by the person who actually raised this question during Q&A session. He is very into Tokyo Drift, too. I recognized him because Sung posted his picture in his instagram account in the past. Check out this video, which is nicely edited, but the major part is actually same as what I shot. The link to the video can be found in the article where more info about the event shared. Also, it's really good to know another 10th anniversary Tokyo Drift event in planned in Bay Area in March! Wow~~ Well, I cannot make it. I cannot justify my expense even with a tax refund. But if you are around there, keep your eyes and ears on Hope they do this in NYC or DC area, too!


julyn tan said...

Actually Sung will come in fast 8? Did he talk about anything for fast 8 in this event? I were nervous always for this news.

Mari said...

They didn't talk about that. Justin mentioned that he is not likely to come back to the franchise. And given that Han was dead twice in the series already, I doubt he can come back. But Fi uses a hashtag for #hanlives, so, this may mean that we still have a chance to see him back...? We don't know yet. But probably not with 8, but hopefully 9 or later...?