Sunday, February 14, 2016

He looked a little tired

Let me write what I was thinking when I was watching Q & A session in the front row of the theatre after Tokyo Drift film screening completed.

I was so excited to see Sung, Justin, and Leo walking to the chairs below the screen, which is just about 2-3 meters away from me! Wow~~ it's Sung right there! I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I just had to quickly stand-by my iPhone6 for photos and videos.

I kept hoping that Sung finds me and we can get eye-contact. I was ready to wave my hand. But looks like I was too close and it was hard to see my seat area from them because of lighting. In fact, the guy next to me raised his hand during the Q & A session, but the moderator never looked at him. I guess we were just too close.

So, but I was still glad that I got the first row and closest enough that I can see them very clearly and take a lot of pictures and videos.

At the beginning of Q & A session, the moderator let Justin talk first, which was expected. Justin shared a lot of great stories and episode that make us very excited about his past and future works. Then, it was Sung's turn, but somehow, Sung didn't know what to day. It made me worried -- Sung might be in a bad mood or very tired. Hope anything bad happened to him or around him. If it is seriously bad thing, he wouldn't come out.  So, I quickly tried erasing my negative feeling. But even when the moderator tried having Sung speak up again for the second time, Sung remained quiet.  Then, I started worrying again -- what happened to him? Why he isn't talking? Then, I tried remembering what it was like when I saw the same type of Q & A session after Finishing the Game. I remember he was quieter than Justin or the other casts. He might be just being him. After it comes to the audience's term to ask questions, Sung finally started talking and he smiled and sounded pretty all right, which made me feel very happy.

I watch these videos I took over and over. I never get tired of watching him talking. I should've prepared more in advance like guying all movies in DVDs or Blue Rays where Sung appears. I actually have all of them legally downloaded either via iTunes store or Amazon, but digital version does not allow me quickly show him I possess all the movies. So, I only took whatever I have in DVDs. I still feel it was so silly of me letting my tern to talk to Sung ended so quickly as I wanted to say "hi" to Leo as well. But the person behind me quickly started talking to Sung and I could no longer push the person away. :( But I was bold enough to get my 2nd tern to talk with Sung and ask about doing a quick greeting video for my friends. But I still forgot to ask him to shake hand or give me a hug. It's my challenge always -- whether or not I go with Japanese style or show my Americanized side. You know, we do not shake hands or hug very often in Japan. But I've lived in USA more than 20 years and started doing American style greeting most of the time. But I sometime just forget how to act like an American. When I saw Sung in person, my Japanese side quickly got stronger. It may be because it was after I watched Tokyo Drift. Anyway, I need to remind myself -- next time I get to see him, I'll be more American somehow -- shake hands and a hug. But I think Sung is used to with my type of a little awkward Asian who came to the states after grown up. So, hope he didn't find me strange.


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