Friday, February 5, 2016

I did it!

It's finally my tern! The video I'm sharing here today was taken by me yesterday in LA and I'm now back home in Maryland. I'm so fast and furious, no? I don't have to explain myself how happy I am now. I will share more a little by little, but I'd like to start with this video because Justin is talking about something really interesting for us -- big fans of FF series! I kind of knew Justin has no plan to come back. But it's great to know that it sounded like Justin and Vin still talks about that, while that does probably not mean Justin is likely to come back to this. But it's just not 0%. I want him to shoot something like how he did in Tokyo Drift and it does not have to be inside FF series. But I guess he is currently super busy with so many projects. I'm so grateful that he made a time to come to this event. I'm sure it's not giving him much, but he is just giving so much to us, the audience and LA Asian Community. For that, I really respect him. And I wanted to let him know so much about what I've been thinking about his works and his existence itself. I cannot believe I didn't even try talking to him, though. That's right. I didn't get to talk to him. I guess I was so focused on Sung. I wanted to talk to Justin, too. But my brain just got white out after talking with Sung. I really wanted to say Justin is a game changer and I also wanted to ask him about the scene Sean came to his father's place in Tokyo. I still want to know whose idea it was -- a unit bath with Japanese style toilet bowl. I was like "WTH?" I've never seen a bathroom like that. But I kind of liked it. I thought it's a joke and I found it really funny. But I'm just curious to know why it was there. Damn! I can't believe I couldn't talk to Justin!

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