Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm a proud backer!

If you are a huge Sung Kang fan like me, it's your chance to show your love in a very practical way. This movie looks pretty interesting even w/o Sung. I'm already hooked and curious to know what is actually happening there. But if I were her, I don't care if I remember or not. When I woke up and found Sung cooking for me in the kitchen, I will just take that life even if it is totally different from what I remember. Even without any fancy setting like nice home and a cute kid, if it is Sung who just suddenly became a big part of my life, then, excellent. Who care about what happened. Oh wait. Sung has already been a big part of my life anyway.  :P

Kickstarter might be a really good way for raise fund for cool projects like this one. It's also great way to easily participate something you'd love to root. Seriously. I really want this to be released in theaters! Please join me if you agree. Actually, the lunch option and premier option are super attractive, but given that I just spent about total $500 for 1.5 days trip just to see Sung in LA, I cannot afford to plan another trip for a while. So, I just took $100 option. Still pretty good deal for me as long as I get to see the movie. 

Great collage of @sungkangsta in #PaliRoad from fan @cl_julyn !

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