Sunday, February 21, 2016

Don't know what to say?

It's great to hear about the characters in the famous franchise directly from the mouth of the person who directed them. I knew most of them, but it's really cool to get a truly authentic confirmation in person like this. I am lucky! (and crazy, of course.)

So, there are many articles and other fan sites about the characters. I still do not believe Han has any last name in this series because that's what Justin mentioned in the past somewhere, which I didn't hear in person by someone who watched a YouTube clip shared with me. But I guess it doesn't matter. If people want to call Han Seoul-Oh or Han Lue, they can.

I enjoyed Leo's answer in this video, too. I was happy that I could let him know I like his OZ accent because that's totally different from the character he played in Tokyo Drift. He is no where close to that mean personality. But he looked really mean! I guess that means he is a really good actor.  :D

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