Thursday, February 11, 2016

More famous among guys

It's always great to see an article talking about Sung and his project. He looks a lot more comfortable in these pictured when he is with FuguZ and wear casual. I wish - as always - I were there though I just met him in person last week. Oh.. it's been exactly a week passed since I saw him in LA! I miss him already.

I was also having an eventful time since then. I flew to Miami for my company's convention, and met old friends I haven't met for a few years. So, that was a great reunion, too. And of course, I showed my selfie with Sung to many people there though we were there on business. I even showed it to my clients, too. An interesting thing I found is that the reaction about seeing the picture is bigger among guys than girls. Actually, some of my female friend didn't recognize him while all of the male friends/customers to whom I showed my picture got really excited. I told my husband what I experienced.

Even my colleague who is a Korean American female living in NY didn't know him. She actually gave me "Like!" for the same picture I posted on my Facebook page. But when I asked "Why did you give me "Like!" to my post if you do not even know who he is?" She answered, "Oh, I thought it's a  nice picture, and your husband is so handsome." I laughed really hard. "Are you serious? You really though he is my husband? No~~ though my husband is a Korean, too." Then, she was surprised again. I guess I didn't share that much personal life with her though I've worked with her on many projects together. Anyway, I explained this guy is a very famous actor in a very famous movie franchise. She had no idea.

Another friend of mine from Japan also said, "Wow, isn't he handsome?" but had no idea who he is. But all of male friends/customers I spoke to -- about 50 of them in last one week knew about the movie and recognized him.

Then, my husband said, "Hollywood movies in general are mostly for men, and only less than 30% of the audience are female." Hmm.. I didn't know that. I used to watch movie even weekend. But it's true that from some point, I stopped watching movie except Sung's.

Indeed, the only person who was waiting in the line for the event of 10 year anniversary of Tokyo Drift in LA before me was a boy. I didn't ask exactly where he is from, but he seems to be an American born Indian. I was actually at the theater first, but I was too early (like 2 hours before the event starts), so, I had to eat Ramen in Little Tokyo and came back because the event staff said "you are too early. You should go eat something first, then, come back." After I'm back at the door, he was there waiting for the door to open. And then, the one who came after me was also an Asian male. Three of us were talking about the movie and cars, etc. It was pretty fun talking with them because we were all so big fan of Sung and Justin. They were very surprised when I said I just arrived to LA from DC today, and flying back to DC tomorrow. Anyway, there were many guys who attended the event while I did see female audience as well. But it was probably less than 40%, and nobody was like me -- a female alone. Hmm... I guess that makes me feel a real stalker.

It's really fun thinking back the time I got to see Sung. I will continue doing this for next few years until next time I get lucky to see him in person again.


julyn tan said...

Hi, Mari.
Do you see Pali Road will go San Francisco for movie premiere?
I asking for Sung will attend or not. Last time Pali Road directer them attend at Hawaii Pali Road premiere. Them tell me Sung will coming, but in the end... Never see Sung.
I was envy you Live US you can visit Sung when available. My contry is hard to US. I seen last time Sung attend Fast 7 premieĊ•e in LA. Hope he will attend fast 8 premiere again. I plan go LA that time.

julyn tan said...

And I once again invite you to join our event.
Just send us your wishes to Sung Kang before the deadline.
It's our pleasure to have you in our part. Your participation will definitely surprise him.

Hope to hear you soon.☺

julyn tan said...
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Mari said...

Hi Julyn,

Thank you for your invitation! I like your idea and wish you the best. It's just that my account with instagram is for my cats, which seems to make sense to me for now. I'd love to join the similar type of event in the future, though. :)